About Us

To be the “Go To - Provider of Carers” to individuals, hospitals and nursing homes.

Gone are the days where health industry was known for its curative methodology. In this era of modernization, evolving medical technology, its more about preventative methodology. Then comes to mind the imminent question, why is it that care industry has to be a curative solution and not preventative. Answer lies in recruiting carers who are passionate in making a difference to the quality of life of the clientele. AM2PM was born with the same principle in mind , in July 2017. Then began a journey of relentless search for like minded individuals, if you are a person who is just looking for an average caring job or an individual who does not believe in a world where “caregiving” is an integral part of healing or medical treatment, am afraid you are at the wrong page. Drawn from the years of experience of caregiving, coordination, financial acumen, business management of the founder members Malaya & Soumya. We care about our carers as much we do for our clientele. We always have their well being as we believe that they are what we represent. Our commitment is equal towards our clientele and as well as our staff. We heartily welcome all passionate experience carers who yearn for a satisfying career and clientele who want affordable quality solutions for their & family care needs.