Working in care is very rewarding, however the question is whether or not you want to work within a care home or try out a home care job instead. If home care fits better with your lifestyle and personality, then you will need to work with a home care agency.


What Type of Care Work is Involved


A home care agency is an agency that deals with carers who go into clients homes and offer them care provisions. There are a variety of different tasks that are involved in being a home carer, depending on each clients individual needs and situation. These can include:


  • Toileting or changing continence aids
  • Assisting with eating or drinking
  • Assisting with getting out of bed, getting into bed, washing and dressing
  • Preparing meals and drinks
  • Picking up prescriptions and ensuring that prescribed medicine is taken
  • Supervision and companionship
  • Shopping
  • Health related tasks

The agency will have a database of people who require these services in their own home and will then distribute the work through their network of carers.


The Benefits of Working for a Home Care Agency


There are a wealth of benefits to working for a home care agency rather than trying to go it alone.


Firstly, you have support when it comes to your day to day working. You don’t have to worry about the responsibility of making key decisions or not being sure where to turn. You also know that you are part of a “family”, a wider network of carers who will understand what it means to work within this area and the challenges that you may face.


Another huge benefit with working for a home care agency is that you are not responsible for finding, securing and managing clients. The agency will take charge of these key tasks for you and then you will just be allocated the work as is required. You won’t need to worry about dealing with contracts and ascertaining what type of care is required, you will be able to focus on actually providing the care,  and making sure that you provide the best service possible.


Many people want to work as a carer because it fits around their current life and needs, this is definitely true for those who work within an agency setting. If you have children that you need to work around, then the agency can structure your shifts accordingly. They can make sure that they organise your care jobs around your needs and have a rota that is going to work for you.


There are many other reasons why home care work with an agency could be for you. Why not get in touch with us at AM2PM Quality Care to find out more about working in home care.

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