Any job interview can be daunting. Make sure you are prepared for your home carer job interview with these tips, and you’re guaranteed to impress!


It’s important to be prepared, be honest and be authentic. Planning is key, and it’s not just about rehearsing questions ahead of time.


Plan Your Travel Route Ahead of Time


Double check the time of your interview and the location and make sure that you know exactly where you’re going – the building, the room, and who you’re asking for when you arrive. Leave plenty of extra travel time to accommodate any unforeseen delays  (it’s always better to be early than it is to be late!) and if you’re driving, take traffic into account before you leave. If the interview is somewhere you’ve never been before, you may want to do a test run the day before. This will allow you to establish how long the journey will take, and allow you to identify the exact location.


Plan Your Outfit the Day Before


Whilst home carers usually usually work in a provided uniform, you’re still attending a job interview – so dress to impress. Plan and lay out your interview outfit the day before so you’re sure everything is clean, ironed and ready to go.


Research The Company


The internet is your friend! Take the time to research and find out about the home care agency that you’re interviewing with. It is particularly important to make sure that the company values align with your own. If you can speak to a home carer who already works for the agency, see if you can have a chat with them! You may well be asked at interview what you know about the company, but if not, frame some of the information you already have on the home care agency into a question to demonstrate your knowledge.


Write Down Any Questions You Have


Make sure that you have reviewed and understood the role itself before attending interview, as well as all relevant details such as salary, expectations, location etc. If you have any questions on the home carer job you’re applying for, write them down and take them with you to interview.


Even if you can’t think of anything you’d like to know, make sure you have at least one thing to ask – it shows that you’re genuinely interested in the home care job on offer.


Take a Copy of Your CV


Take a copy of your CV with you along with any certificates of qualifications that you hold. You may be asked for them (and if not, ask if they’d like to take copies!) it could speed up your application process.


Prepare Answers to Common Interview Questions


Of course, be prepared for questions that you will be asked in the interview! Some common interview questions you may be asked are:


  • Why do you want the job?
  • What can you bring to the home care job?
  • Why should you be chosen over others applying for this home care job?
  • What are your skills?
  • Why do you want to work in care?
  • Do you have any experience in care?


Make sure that you’ve given these sorts of questions some thought before you walk into the room as this will allow you to provide a more detailed and considered set of answers.

Best of luck with your interview!


Are you interested in a job in home care? Find out more about working in home care and the opportunities that we have available in and around Epsom at AM2PM Quality Care.

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