Our Story

AM2PM Quality Care Ltd – The Story So Far

AM2PM Quality Care Limited has fired its wings from a casual conversation between Anand Duddella and his friends. The company was registered in July 2017. The CQC licence was granted in January 2018. AM2PM Quality Care was inspected by CQC in May 2018 and was rated as ‘Overall Good’.


AM2PM was born with the same principle in mind, in July 2017. Then began a journey of a relentless search for like-minded individuals, if you are a person who is just looking for an average caring job or an individual who does not believe in a world where “caregiving” is an integral part of healing or medical treatment, am afraid you are at the wrong page.

Gone are the days where the health industry was known for its curative methodology. In this era of modernisation, evolving medical technology, it’s more about preventative methodology. Then comes to mind the imminent question, why is it that the care industry has to be a curative solution and not preventative. The answer lies in recruiting carers who are passionate about making a difference in the quality of life of the clientele.

Drawn from the years of experience of caregiving, coordination, financial acumen, business management of the founder members Anand, & Soumya.


We care about our carers as much we do for our clientele. We always have their well being, as we believe that they are what we represent. Our commitment is equal towards our clientele and as well as our staff.

Our Mission

“Deliver outstanding quality of care, preserving the dignity, integrity and diversity of our Clients”

Our Aim

“To be the ‘Go-To Provider of Care’ to individuals, hospitals and nursing homes.”

Established 2017

The company was founded in July 2017 to offer a fresh approach to home care in the Epsom and Surrey area.

Registered with CQC

We were delighted to achieve a ‘Good – Overall’ rating in our last CQC inspection in May 2018. 

Registered with Companies House

Reassuringly AM2PM Quality Care Ltd has two directors and is registered with Companies House in the UK for residential and nursing care activities.

Recruiting Now

We heartily welcome all passionate and experienced carers who yearn for a satisfying career and also clientele who want affordable care with the best quality solutions for their own and family needs.

AM2PM – Management Team

AM2PM Quality Care Ltd is a business managed by the owners, meaning we are personally responsible and focused on delivering quality and satisfaction. The two directors are supported by an amazing team of home care workers  and together we support hundreds of clients across the Surrey area. 


Owner &

Anand is the Owner and IT Director of AM2PM Quality Care. Anand has started his career in the UK in the year 2001. He has vast experience in the IT sector.


He also is a qualified and certified immigration advisor, one of his other passion after AM2PM. He also operates IT consulting business and UK Immigration advisory services along with AM2PM Quality Care. Anand has more than 17 years of extensive experience in IT, process management and business management.


He strongly believes in leveraging
the power of technology to optimise the processes in business, particularly in the Care industry.



Soumya has unique and valued experience for more than 15 years in the IT industry.

She brings in her financial acumen and is the person who churns the numbers and data into information and is the person who would always keep the checks and balances.


She believes that for a rapidly growing company it is very important to always be financially aware of the cash flow. “Success of an organisation depends on the strength of its relations with the community”, is what I believe in is often quoted by Soumya. Having worked in various domains such as IT, Human Resources, Banking and Finance, the above statement remains her mantra.

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