Home Carer Job Interview Preparation

Home Carer Job Interview Preparation

Any job interview can be daunting. Make sure you are prepared for your home carer job interview with these tips, and you’re guaranteed to impress!


It’s important to be prepared, be honest and be authentic. Planning is key, and it’s not just about rehearsing questions ahead of time.


Plan Your Travel Route Ahead of Time


Double check the time of your interview and the location and make sure that you know exactly where you’re going – the building, the room, and who you’re asking for when you arrive. Leave plenty of extra travel time to accommodate any unforeseen delays  (it’s always better to be early than it is to be late!) and if you’re driving, take traffic into account before you leave. If the interview is somewhere you’ve never been before, you may want to do a test run the day before. This will allow you to establish how long the journey will take, and allow you to identify the exact location.


Plan Your Outfit the Day Before


Whilst home carers usually usually work in a provided uniform, you’re still attending a job interview – so dress to impress. Plan and lay out your interview outfit the day before so you’re sure everything is clean, ironed and ready to go.


Research The Company


The internet is your friend! Take the time to research and find out about the home care agency that you’re interviewing with. It is particularly important to make sure that the company values align with your own. If you can speak to a home carer who already works for the agency, see if you can have a chat with them! You may well be asked at interview what you know about the company, but if not, frame some of the information you already have on the home care agency into a question to demonstrate your knowledge.


Write Down Any Questions You Have


Make sure that you have reviewed and understood the role itself before attending interview, as well as all relevant details such as salary, expectations, location etc. If you have any questions on the home carer job you’re applying for, write them down and take them with you to interview.


Even if you can’t think of anything you’d like to know, make sure you have at least one thing to ask – it shows that you’re genuinely interested in the home care job on offer.


Take a Copy of Your CV


Take a copy of your CV with you along with any certificates of qualifications that you hold. You may be asked for them (and if not, ask if they’d like to take copies!) it could speed up your application process.


Prepare Answers to Common Interview Questions


Of course, be prepared for questions that you will be asked in the interview! Some common interview questions you may be asked are:


  • Why do you want the job?
  • What can you bring to the home care job?
  • Why should you be chosen over others applying for this home care job?
  • What are your skills?
  • Why do you want to work in care?
  • Do you have any experience in care?


Make sure that you’ve given these sorts of questions some thought before you walk into the room as this will allow you to provide a more detailed and considered set of answers.

Best of luck with your interview!


Are you interested in a job in home care? Find out more about working in home care and the opportunities that we have available in and around Epsom at AM2PM Quality Care.

Skills Required For Home Carer Jobs

Skills Required For Home Carer Jobs

As the population ages and medical care advances, more people than ever are able to live at home with the help and support of a home carers. If you may be potentially interested in home carer jobs, read on to learn more about the skills required and type of person that it takes to move into this role.


More vocational and personality-based than academic, we believe that what makes a great home carer, are the skills listed below:



Home carers must deal with a range of different people and situations, and be adaptable to each on a daily basis. Those requiring care often have a range of complex needs, and these change constantly. Practicing patience with those you’re caring for is non-negotiable in this role. Many home care clients are elderly and often suffering with various types of dementia, which means that situations can escalate quickly and a calm, relaxed environment will need to be maintained.



Something to keep in mind with home carer jobs is that you are an incredibly important part of another persons life – this is not just a job. All clients deserve your complete respect, no matter their vulnerabilities or needs. We demand this as an agency – chances are that your care has a critical impact on the clients’ life.


Working with those requiring care will soon change your perspective on many things, and your respect for all kinds of people will grow as a result!



Working in a home carer job will see you dealing with lots of extremely personal and vulnerable situations. In some cases, these situations can be very upsetting for those you’re caring for. Carers must be able to remain sensitive to others around them in all circumstances, maintain good self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.


Clear Communication

As a home carer you may not only communicate with those receiving care, but also their families, other healthcare professionals and your home care agency. In all instances, it is imperative that you are able to communicate with others clearly, concisely and simply so that information can be shared as accurately as possible.


With regards to communicating with your client, always ensure that they are aware of what you are going to do, what is going on, and what you require of them. Clear communication will help to ensure that your client is informed and relaxed, and does not panic or become anxious.



For many, having to receive care and rely on another person, is a frustrating experience. Being able to display empathy and understanding will help nurture your clients and allow them to vent frustration should they wish to. Put yourself in your clients shoes and ask: “What kind of care would I like to receive for myself or my loved one?”



Home carers needn’t just hold a functional relationship with those they’re caring for; a smile and a chat goes a long way! Staying friendly, approachable and having a good relationship with your client is often as important as medical treatment! Many of your clients will look forward to your visits, your conversation and your company, and you will form bonds with them.



If you are considering a home carer job, chances are you’re a compassionate individual already. Taking time to care for someone and to really work with them rather than just for them is a labour of love and dedication; so keep your heart open along with your mind.


Are you interested in a job in home care? Find out more about working in home care and the opportunities that we have available in and around Epsom at AM2PM Quality Care.

Home Care Job in Epsom

Home Care Job in Epsom

Working in home care is very rewarding. It allows you to do something that you feel passionate about, allows you to feel that you are making a difference, and for many it is also something that fits in with your skills and abilities. If you live and work in Epsom and you are thinking about taking on a home care job in Epsom, then read on to find out more about AM2PM Quality Care and what we can offer you.


Who Are AM2PM Quality Care


We are a home care agency based in Epsom. We were created in July 2017 and since then our business, our team and of course our client base has grown significantly.


It is always our aim to ensure that every single person who comes to us for our care services receives the best quality possible. We want every person to feel dignified, respected and treated well, especially since the care that we provide is always in our client’s own home.


How Do We Do This


We hire only the very best care talent in the Epsom and surrounding areas. We want to make sure that every single carer who is part of our network wants to offer the very best, each and every day and with each and every client.


We don’t want people to work with us in order to just secure a job and pay the bills. We want people to work with us because they care about providing the best care and they want to do their best.


If this is something that you identify within yourself, then get in touch with us – we would love to have you as part of our amazing team.


Home Care Job In Epsom – Why Work With Us


If you think that you have the right skill set to work with us as one of our home carers, then why not check out more about what we have to offer you. We think of every single carer that works with us as a superhero (capes and all!) We work hard to ensure that if you work with us that you feel valued and that you are happy with your role and position.


We will work flexibly with you to ensure that your work meets with your personal needs and that you never have to sacrifice your work/life balance. We also want to ensure that you feel supported and developed in the things that you do too. After all, our carers are the centre of our business.


Want to secure a home care job in Epsom? The best place to start is to get in touch with us now and learn more about what we can offer you and also let us know what you can offer us too. If we are the right fit, then let’s begin on a long-term working relationship that is going to give you everything that you want for your future career.

What Does a Home Care Job Involve?

What Does a Home Care Job Involve?

Are you thinking about working in home care? Want to know what does a home care job involve? Well, in order to make an informed decision you are going to want to know more about what will be expected of you in this role.


As a home care agency, we know exactly what to expect. Here are some of the key elements that you are going to need to know:


What Does a Home Care Job Involve?


A home carer goes into client’s homes and offers agreed care provisions and services to them. Home carers will carry out a variety of care tasks and want to ensure that every client is treated well, treated with respect and of course dignity too.


A home carer will be provided with each client’s care plan outlining exactly what each clients needs and requirements are, based on an initial assessment carried out by the home care agency.


What Kind of Tasks does a Home Carer Do?


One of the main things that you can count on when you work in home care is that no two days are going to be the same. Working with people, each day will be different and each client will be unique with their own needs and requirements.


There are however some key tasks that are likely to be expected of you in your day to day role. These may include:


  • Assistance with daily life tasks
  • Washing, bathing, oral care and general hygiene
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Incontinence care
  • Meal prep
  • Security and safety
  • Medication prompting or administration


As you can see, there is a varied mix of tasks that you may be expected to do as a home carer. The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that you are going to be dealing with people on a one-to-one basis and you need to be approachable, friendly and respectful at all times


Why Choose to Work in Home Care?


Wondering whether or not home care is the right for you? There are a range of benefits involved in working in home care. A major one being that it allows you to work around other commitments that you may have, such as children or maybe even another job.


Another is that you can self-manage, within reason, what you do. You can take on as much or as little work as you want, the choice is yours. There are limited jobs out there that allow you this level of choice and flexibility in your working life.


Want to find out more about working in home care? Contact us for a friendly chat, or apply directly through our online home care job portal.

Working with a Home Care Agency

Working with a Home Care Agency

Working in care is very rewarding, however the question is whether or not you want to work within a care home or try out a home care job instead. If home care fits better with your lifestyle and personality, then you will need to work with a home care agency.


What Type of Care Work is Involved


A home care agency is an agency that deals with carers who go into clients homes and offer them care provisions. There are a variety of different tasks that are involved in being a home carer, depending on each clients individual needs and situation. These can include:


  • Toileting or changing continence aids
  • Assisting with eating or drinking
  • Assisting with getting out of bed, getting into bed, washing and dressing
  • Preparing meals and drinks
  • Picking up prescriptions and ensuring that prescribed medicine is taken
  • Supervision and companionship
  • Shopping
  • Health related tasks

The agency will have a database of people who require these services in their own home and will then distribute the work through their network of carers.


The Benefits of Working for a Home Care Agency


There are a wealth of benefits to working for a home care agency rather than trying to go it alone.


Firstly, you have support when it comes to your day to day working. You don’t have to worry about the responsibility of making key decisions or not being sure where to turn. You also know that you are part of a “family”, a wider network of carers who will understand what it means to work within this area and the challenges that you may face.


Another huge benefit with working for a home care agency is that you are not responsible for finding, securing and managing clients. The agency will take charge of these key tasks for you and then you will just be allocated the work as is required. You won’t need to worry about dealing with contracts and ascertaining what type of care is required, you will be able to focus on actually providing the care,  and making sure that you provide the best service possible.


Many people want to work as a carer because it fits around their current life and needs, this is definitely true for those who work within an agency setting. If you have children that you need to work around, then the agency can structure your shifts accordingly. They can make sure that they organise your care jobs around your needs and have a rota that is going to work for you.


There are many other reasons why home care work with an agency could be for you. Why not get in touch with us at AM2PM Quality Care to find out more about working in home care.

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